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January 27th Theater Pick: The Grey

For the first in a series where I will recommend what I would watch in theaters for the upcoming weekend, I find my decision rather simple.  That is because Liam Neeson is a badass.  That’s all I really needed to know about The Grey in order crank up my desire to see it past eleven, but let’s not leave it at that .

The story is simple enough.  A group of men get stranded in the wilderness and have to survive while being chased by a pack of wolves.  Unfortunately for the wolves, they’re hunting Liam Neeson.  At first glance this movie could be just a simple story about a man wanting to get back to his family and the obstacles he has to overcome.  The wolves have the making for a pretty good metaphor, so expect there to be something else that Liam Neeson’s character Ottway has to overcome that has created some emotional distance between him and his wife.

The movie is also written and directed by Joe Carnahan, a man who is best known as the writer/director of Smokin’ Aces as well as the director of The A-Team.  Both are very stylized action movies with their fair share of comedic moments throughout.  With this history, I’ll be curious to see how he does with a more mature and grittier story (though I have to admit I have not seen his crime drama Narc).

Other choices are the Sam Worthington thriller Man on a Ledge and the Katherine Heigl “action” comedy  One for the Money.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought Katherine Heigl was a hottie since her role in Under Siege 2:  Dark Territory (and I think I may have lost a few of you by admitting I remember that movie) but I don’t buy her as a bounty hunter.  Maybe that’s where some of the comedy comes in to play, but that kind of humor is not my cup of tea.  See this one if you’re going to the movies with your girlfriend.  She gets a fun action movie; you get Katherine Heigl.  As for Man on a Ledge, I’ve never been as big a fan of Sam Worthington as others.  Even in Avatar I was not that impressed with his character.  I was more impressed with how beautiful the movie was.  And since the trailer gave away that his hole purpose for being on the ledge is that he is conducting a heist to prove his innocence, what else is there?  This seems like a movie that had the makings of a smart thriller in the vein of Inside Man that just couldn’t follow through.

Overall The Grey seems like a very straightforward story, and with a straightforward man like Liam Neeson as the lead you can venture that this will be a safe bet to do well this weekend.


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