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February 3rd Theater Pick: Chronicle

Though I haven’t always been a fan of found footage films (I still haven’t gotten around to seeing The Blair Witch Project), there have been a few that I actually enjoyed.  Cloverfield and Quarantine come to mind.  But that is not why I am most excited for this week’s Theater Pick, Chronicle.

One of my complaints about the current state of affairs when it comes to “super-power” movies is how repetitive they have become.  The hero gains an ability, then fights his nemesis who has the same ability (i.e. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, etc.).  Granted, the general premise of Chronicle is the same, but the way they are telling the story is what is going to make it different.  This seems to be a more character driven piece that focuses on one of the greatest ideas in all of comic story telling:  With great power comes great responsibility.

I’m not one to try and go too philosophical in how I look at things, but at first glance this movie seems like it will cover the same basic ideas as the great philosopher Plato’s “Ring of Gyges” tale.  The tale focuses on a ring that would render it’s wearer invisible.  Once invisible, a person  could do whatever they pleased without facing the repercussions.  The question is then, if you could do anything without consequence, what would you do?  In the case of Chronicle if you had all the power, how would you use it?  It is an interesting topic and if done well could make for an outstanding story.

(And yes, I did just successfully reference Plato in a post about a super-power movie)


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