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Kickstarter of the Month: ATX a Television Festival

This months Kickstarter of the Month project is a little different from last month’s.  Instead of an actual film project, this month I’m support the ATX Festival.  The event is very similar to other film festivals and conventions, but instead it focuses solely on the television industry.

From the Kickstart page:

“The Festival has the functionality of traditional film festivals, spotlighting television instead of movies through: premieres, screenings, Q&As with cast and creators, panels that discuss industry topics, and parties.  The result is an event with attendees that are both fans and industry, as opposed to most events of this nature that are solely for one or another. ”

I first heard of this event via writer/producer Jane Espenson (“Buffy”, “Warehouse 13”) and it was her involvement which initially peaked my interest.  Anyone lucky enough to attend would be able to interact which such stars as Jane Espenson, Adrianne Palicki (“Friday Night Lights”), Arielle Kebbel (“The Vampire Diaries”), and more.

The entire project is being brought about by Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson, who are TV lovers just like anyone else.  Between the two of them they have completed production work on such films as Walk the Line, Identity, John Tucker Must Die, and Kissing Cousins.

If they reach their goal of $25,000 the festival will take place this year, June 1st-3rd.  They have chosen to host their festival in the amazing city of Austin, Texas.  Though I have never been, a good friend of mine went to college there and it has made my list of places to go.  He cannot say enough good things about the city, and since I completely trust his judgement, I have  high expectations for this venue.

And for the Browncoats out there a viewing of “Firefly” has just been added.

So if you have a love of television and want to share that loves with others, check out there Kickstarter page below.  And even if you can’t make it like myself, those who can will thank you.  And keep in mind there are only five days left to contribute.

Good luck Caitlin and Emily!


And visit them at www.atxfestival.com for more details


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