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February 24th Theater Pick: Act of Valor

This is probably one of the easier picks I’ve had thus far (and will hold that title until The Avengers , The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises are released.  Though the comedy Wanderlust which stars Paul Rudd (one of my favorite comedic actors) and Jennifer Anniston is being released this weekend; my expectation for that movie pales in comparison to that of Acto of Valor.



Act of Valor is a film that uses real U.S. Navy SEALs to tell a fictional story about a terrorist kidnapping.  Not since Top Gun has real U.S. military personnel and equipment been used in such a way to portray a story, and even then it was not to this extent.  The film took over two years to make, which was mainly due to the SEALs in the movie being called away to go on mission.  In a time when we as a nation at war have not truly been a collective Nation at War; to have this opportunity to see through the eyes of those who serve what exactly they do for us is extraordinary.  I applaud the films directors, Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, for the initiative and dedication to undertake such a project.

I hope each and every one of you who reads this takes the time to see this movie over the weekend.  Not to be entertained, but to be enlightened.  For our Service men and women, this is life.  And we need to try and understand that for them.  Because once we try and understand what it means to serve one’s country, then we can truly find the words to thank those that choose to.


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