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Don’t Fear The Ides of March

A few months ago The Ides of March  was in theaters and I really meant to go see it.  Of course, life and work got in the way.  Then a friend mentioned a scene from it to me in an email I remembered that this was a movie I wanted to see.  Thankfully, Netflix came to the rescue and in a few days I had it in my possession.  Problem was, work and life were still in the way.  Lucky for me I decided that I was in need of a few days off doing nothing.  Today was that first day off, and it just so happened to be March 15th, the Ides of March.  So what better way to start the morning than watch The Ides of March?

How does the idealist turn into the politician? The Ides of March will lead you there.

This is a movie that todays young adults (which includes myself) can relate to.  We are full of ideals.  We have faith that good will always triumph over evil.  That it is better to win if you do it the right way.  And that is what Ryan Gosling’s (a completely underutilized actor until 2011) character believes.  He is a true believer and backer of his candidate, played by George Clooney (who also directs the film).  But what happens when you start to see yourself for what you really are?  When you realize you are not the person who is going to fix the machine, but just another cog in it?  That is the dilemma Ryan Gosling’s character faces.

And I’m not going to go much more into the story than that.  I’m not a fan of spoilers.  What I will say is this:  This was a very well made movie.  Hats off to Mr. Clooney for crafting a movie that does not feel rushed in any way as it leads us towards its inevitable conclusion.  The pacing is extraordinary.  The movie starts out bright and hopeful but slowly the house of cards that is being built starts to fall around our characters.  And when it is over, they have to make a choice. And the road they choose will change them forever.

That is the true question.  How much of yourself are you will to give up in order to reach your goals.  The answer is what separates the successful politicians from the idealists.

The movie was definitely worth my time and I send a big thank you to my friend who reminded me to watch it.  If you have the time, check it out.  And you don’t have to wait until March 15th rolls around again.



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