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Reacting to the events of the Dark Knight

Originally I was going to write a review for The Dark Knight Rises, since this is something I normally do after seeing a movie.  I, like many people, attended the midnight screening.  But on the drive home I decided not to add my review to the thousands  of others for this movie.  Let’s be honest; it was a highly anticipated movie that people will be talking about for some time.  Another review is not something that is necessarily wanted or needed.

Instead I decided to write about the experience I had leading up to the movie.  Along with a few hundred of my closest friends, I stood in line for almost two hours waiting to be let into the theater.  Conversations ensued.  We talked about the different variations of Batman we grew up with, from Adam West all the way to George Clooney.  We reminisced about old VHS tapes we used to own.  Somehow Michael Crichton and the big screen adaptation of his novel Sphere even came up in conversation.

I was excited about this.  It was a new type of blog entry for me.  It was going to be fun.  Then I woke up and turned on CNN.

That’s when I learned of the atrocity that took place in Aurora, Co.  My heart sank.  Words cannot describe the sorrow of that night.  In light of this new information, how could I write about my cheerful experience?

Then again, how could I not?

I cannot begin to comprehend the motivations behind the actions of this shooter.  What I do know is this:  if we as a society allow him to alter how we live, then he has in a way defeated us.  If there is anything that we have learned from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy it is that we cannot allow ourselves to live in fear.  In the face of chaos, the strong must remain steadfast in their resolve.  And although pain is a part of life, if we hide behind it we are not really living.

To all those who’s lives were impacted by this travesty, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  May you find peace in a time of turmoil.  To everyone else, I ask that you soldier on.  In my opinion the best thing we can do is continue to live our lives. Spend time with our friends and families.  Go to the movies.  Show that we have not been defeated.  To take a line from The Dark Knight, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.”  Make it a dawn worth living.


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