About the Beat

An integral is the numerical measureof the area bounded above by the graph of a given function

A beat, as defined by the writer/director Daivd Mamet in his book On Directing Film, is a core idea that makes up a portion of a scene.  A scene is the “unit with which the director most wants to concern himself.”  A series of scenes is what makes a shot; a series of shots makes a film.  And the scene is built on the beat.

Then what is The Integral Beat?  It is a place where the beat of film and television can not only be analyzed, but appreciated.  What I hope to do here is look at the area bound by film and television and find something meaningful.  And if I can’t do that, at least find something entertaining.
And when I’m not watching movies or television, I’m living life to the fullest.  Check out my other blog Go Fever

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